Senator Joyce Statement on OCPF Finding

“One year ago, newspaper articles questioned the ethics of my purchase of sunglasses as holiday gifts for my senate colleagues. These stories, in turn, generated more than 50 additional print stories and over 500 social media shares and comments.

After an investigation, the state ethics commission found that I had done nothing wrong.

Six months ago, as a result of another newspaper article, the Republican state committee called for a Campaign and Political Finance investigation to determine whether I violated campaign finance rules. Today, the results of the OCPF investigation have been released with no finding of wrongdoing on my part.

To avoid any appearance of impropriety, I have donated $3,367 to the Massachusetts Hospital School.

As I continue to represent my constituents and serve my clients, I will also attempt to repair the damage these allegations have cost me politically, professionally and personally.” - Senator Brian A. Joyce