Senator Brian A. Joyce’s Statement on Globe Story

“I am disappointed in the false accusations in the story. Over the course of many years, I provided uncompensated legal services to a small businessman and property owner who claimed an inability to pay for those services.  Those legal services far exceeded any dry cleaning offered. It was a barter arrangement that he had not only with me, but with two other local lawyers. I provided evidence of this to the extent permitted within the constraints of attorney-client privilege but that evidence was ignored.

With respect to the sunglasses matter which has been the subject of literally dozens of stories over the past 13-months including this morning, the Ethics Commission investigated and closed out this matter as unworthy of any further action.

Finally, I am awaiting final resolution of the Office of Campaign and Political Finance’s investigation which I believe is imminent.  I look forward to publicly sharing those results as soon as I am able to do so.”

- Senator Brian A. Joyce