Joyce's Ulin Rink lease amendment approved by Senate
Milton would get rink for $1 per year for up to 25 years

Senator Brian A. Joyce is pleased to announce that last week the Senate adopted his budget amendment that would offer the Max Ulin Memorial Rink to the Town of Milton for $1 per year for up to 25 years. The Senate Ways & Means budget already included Ulin lease language; however, Joyce’s amendment further clarifies that the Town of Milton has the right of first refusal for the rink. Joyce has been successful in securing passage of similar measures in the Senate now for eight straight years.

The amendment gives the Town of Milton an absolute first right to the rink. The town could then sub-lease the facility at a profit to a private operator. If the town opted not to take advantage of this opportunity, a non-profit organization from within the Town of Milton (such as Milton Youth Hockey or the Milton Boosters) would then be given the same opportunity. Only after the Town of Milton or a Milton non-profit decides to not bid does the bidding process then open to private companies.

“I am convinced that we can save taxpayers an excess of $10 million over 25 years, generate an estimated $2.5 million in new revenue for the town over 25 years, and provide our children with more than twice as much ice availability by operating year round, at a reduced rate,” said Senator Joyce.

One operator has already offered the Town of Milton a guaranteed minimum of $50,000 per year in revenue to manage Ulin, and they estimated that that figure would likely grow to $100,000 per year. The alternative for Ulin and similar state facilities, due to strained state budgets, is uncertain. By allowing Milton to sub-lease the rink to a 3rd party (such as a professional rink management company), Joyce believes residents can be sure that the popular recreational facility will remain open to the public with increased ice times, better facilities, and reasonable rates, while providing new revenue to the town.
Members of the Senate and House will soon begin work on a final compromise version of the FY 2011 budget. The 2011 fiscal year begins on July 1.