Tuesday, July 27, 2010
Commuters can now pay for MBTA parking online
A new service offered by the state is looking to add convenience to the payment process.

Those who often find themselves rushing to make the train in the morning with scant time to insert parking money into a drop box, the MBTA is looking to make things a little easier.
Beginning last Friday, commuters now have the opportunity to log onto their laptops and smart phones after boarding and pay for the spots in which they just parked their vehicles. Those without access to the internet on the train can also use a regular cell phone by calling a special number.
"Who knew the MBTA could leap frog into the new millennium?" joked Senator Brian A. Joyce of the new system.
Joyce went on to applaud Gov. Deval Patrick and Transportation Secretary Jeffrey Mullan for improving the experience for MBTA riders. "This administration has taken positive steps, on a limited budget, to improve customer service," Joyce said.
To become eligible for the service, users must log on to MBTA.parkmobile.com and register for a free account. Once activated, the account will be available 24 hours a day.
In addition to logging into the site, smart phone users can also download a special mobile application, which will be made available shortly. Each MBTA parking lot will also contain a sign with a designated phone number to call; calling that number will also allow for parking payment.
The MBTA currently employees 51,000 parking spaces in 150 separate locations. According to 2008 figures, over 8 million vehicles were parked in a garage or lot owned by the MBTA in one year.
The new payment system will be implemented at the 70 MBTA owned lots, including Milton, that currently house cash drop boxes before expanding to lots not owned by the MBTA.