Wednesday, November 3, 2010
Milton Sen. Brian A. Joyce re-elected in a landslide

Democrat Brian A Joyce of Milton retained his State Senate seat on Tuesday by beating Republican Robert Burr of Canton in a landslide.
Joyce celebrated his victory at the Suffolk Grill in Canton saying “I am overjoyed to have won in what was the most challenging year for incumbents in decades.”
Joyce also expressed his gratitude for the voters saying, “I am very pleased and very grateful to voters for their strong support. This (victory) is incredibly encouraging, and it far exceeded our largest expectations.”
Republican candidate Robert Burr was not available for comment.
The economy was a major issue in the race as Joyce and Burr sparred over tax cuts, the role of government in job creation and affordable housing.
To spur job creation, Joyce favored using government funds to improve infrastructure and giving tax breaks to life science industries. Burr advocated for decreasing state taxes for all businesses.
Burr favored repeal of Chapter 40B, the state affordable housing law which allows developers to sidestep many local zoning controls in exchange for setting aside some housing for sale or rent at below-market rates. Joyce backed amending the law to give local communities more control, but he said the law does help create affordable housing.
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