BOSTON – Senator Brian A. Joyce is pleased to announce that the Division of Ecological Restoration (DER) has successfully leveraged state funding to advance ecological restoration projects, including the Neponset River restoration. These projects will improve the quality of life for Massachusetts residents by restoring natural resources and driving local economies.

Senator Joyce has supported the Neponset River restoration for many years. The Neponset River forms the southern boundary of the city of Boston, and touches the towns of Sharon, Canton, and Milton, among others. When a series of studies revealed pollution, Senator Joyce worked with DER and others to focus on the river’s cleanup. The result improved public and ecological health, increased recreation on and alongside the river, and stimulated the local economy.

Ecological restoration projects, like the Neponset River restoration, support a number of economic sectors. DER’s work bolsters design and engineering, construction, wholesale construction materials, nursery products, and non-profit science. In the past year alone, DER leveraged millions of dollars in outside funding, creating and sustaining high-quality Massachusetts jobs. Remarkably, DER and partner projects produce $1.75 million in total economic output from each $1 million spent.

“I have had the pleasure of working with several administrations including Governor Patrick’s, dozens of local and state elected officials, and advocacy groups such as the Neponset River Watershed Association in recent years, ” said Senator Joyce, “and I’m happy to report that the Neponset River is now cleaner than it has been for almost two centuries. I will continue to work with DER and others to expand both protection and access, making the Neponset River a recreational destination for the benefit of local residents.”