Sen. Joyce Sponsors Funding for Senior Programs

State Senator Brian A. Joyce recently co-sponsored an amendment that will restore the Councils on Aging (COA) state Formula Grant back to seven dollars per senior per year following a reduction in the last year to $6.25 that left many COAs struggling to provide the best possible services for our seniors.

“Our COAs are experiencing greater demand from an aging population and we need to give them the proper support,” said Joyce. “I will continue to urge my colleagues to provide our seniors with this well-deserved support.”

The 2010 US Census showed Massachusetts’ over-60 population growing by 16 percent as the baby boomer generation continues to live long, healthy and productive lives. In that time, COAs have seen the demand for many of their programs, such as the Evidence Based Healthy Again Programs and the Wisdom Works program which provides job assistance to older adults. The amendment is currently included in the Senate budget that is being deliberated in a conference committee comprised of three senators and representatives.

“We’re seeing the construction of new senior centers around the commonwealth and more and more seniors reentering the workforce who are relying on COA programs,” said Joyce. “The programs provided by our local COAs directly contribute to the vibrancy and strength of our communities.”