Wednesday, May 11, 2011
Time for Gov. Council to be disbanded?

BOSTON - Proposals to abolish the Massachusetts Governor's Council highlight the agenda for a constitutional convention on Beacon Hill.

The House and Senate are scheduled to meet in joint session Wednesday, though it's unlikely that any immediate action will be taken on the several proposed amendments to the Massachusetts Constitution. Lawmakers are more likely to set a date to resume the convention later in the year.

The most important function of the eight-member Governor's Council is to approve all judicial nominations. Some lawmakers are seeking to abolish the elected body and transfer its powers to the Senate or to an independent commission.
A proposal for a graduated state income tax is also on the convention calendar. Constitutional amendments must be approved by two consecutive Legislatures, meaning the earliest any could be put before voters is November 2014.
Sen. Brian Joyce, who is spearheading an effort to eliminate the Governor's Council, recently joined the FOX 25 Morning News to talk more about this issue. Watch Gene’s interview for more.