Momentum building behind abolition of Governor's Council

The Senate adopted an order Thursday calling for consideration of Senator Brian A. Joyce’s bill S.15, a proposal for an amendment to the Constitution to abolish the Governor’s Council. The bill will be placed on the calendar for the Constitutional Convention on Wednesday, May 11th.

Joyce indicated that the abolition of the Governor’s Council would save taxpayers over $500,000 annually, and eliminate a colonial-era layer of government that dates back to 1628 and is not present in 48 other states, or at the Federal level.
“By eliminating this outdated and unnecessary governmental body, we can save money for the taxpayers and improve and professionalize the selection and confirmation of our Judiciary,” said Senator Joyce.
If the bill is passed during the Constitutional Convention this session, it will need to be approved again during the Constitutional Convention next legislative session in order to appear before voters as a general election ballot question.