Facing foreclosure? HomeCorps can help!

Facing Foreclosure? Call the AG's HomeCorps (617) 573-5333

HomeCorps is a statewide foreclosure prevention and borrower support program created by the Attorney General's office using funds gained from the recent state-federal settlement over unlawful foreclosures. If you are facing foreclosure, HomeCorps may be able to help you access some of the services listed below:
Loan modification:

Distressed Massachusetts borrowers seeking to avoid unnecessary foreclosure may get loan modification assistance from a statewide team of skilled Loan Modification Specialists.
Borrower representation:

Attorneys at civil legal aid offices across the state (funded by HomeCorps) may provide legal representation to qualified borrowers to help them with loan modifications, blocking unlawful foreclosures, or privately pursuing other potential claims.
Borrower recovery:

Borrowers who have lost their home to foreclosure can obtain support and/or recovery information from selected nonprofits (funded by HomeCorps), including connecting families to rental housing, available benefits and programs, financial counseling, and more.

For additional information or questions, contact the HomeCorps Hotline at (617) 573-5333 or visit www.mass.gov/homecorps.