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Bills Returned from the Governor's Desk with Amendments:

*Community Preservation - This bill is a local approval measure
dedicated to creating open space, preserving historical structures and
building affordable housing.  The legislation provides matching grants to
local cities and towns that participate in the program through fee increases on real estate deed transactions.  The Governor's amendment recommended reducing the level of these fees.

* Court Reporters - This bill prohibits court reporters from entering
into contracts for court reporting with 3rd parties when that contract is
not related to a specific case or reporting incident.

* Public Accountancy - This bill limits the liability of accountants
to the percentage of culpability determined at trial.  The governor's
amendment further clarified the limits on this immunity from liability.

* Genetic Testing - This legislation prohibits discrimination on the
basis of a genetic test in employment, housing, lending and health insurance coverage.  It also prohibits unfair discrimination in the issuance of life insurance.  The legislation provides privacy protection for genetic test results by requiring both prior written consent to perform a test and informed written consent to disclose the results of a test.  The governor's amendment made a technical correction to the exemption for genetic tests performed by law enforcement officials in the course of their official duties. 

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