TOWN HISTORY: European travelers, explorers, and settlers were in the area now known as Milton since early in the seventeenth century, and the written records of Thomas Merton and others suggest visits as early as the fall of 1621.  The settling of Dorchester in 1630 includes the section south of the Neponset River known as Unquity-Quisset by the Neponset tribe of the Massachusetts Indians.  (Read More)

President of the United States:
George W. Bush
Vice President of the United States:
Dick Cheney
Senators in the US Senate: Edward M. Kennedy, John F. Kerry
Representative in the US Congress: Open Seat: Primary, September 11. General Election, October 16

Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: Jane Swift
Secretary of State: William F. Galvin
Attorney General:
Thomas F. Reilly 
Treasurer / Receiver General:
Shannon P. O'Brien
A. Joseph DeNucci
State Senator: Brian A. Joyce
State Representatives: Thomas M. Finneran:- precinct three
Shirley Owens-Hicks
:- precinct eleven
Walter F. Timilty:- precincts one, two, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten


James G. Mullen, Jr, 1475 Canton Ave, (617)333-0446
Marion V. McEttrick, 10 Crown St. (617)696-5569
Charles J. McCarthy, 37 Landon Rd., (617)696-0425
Town Clerk
James G. Mullen, Jr, 1475 Canton Ave, (617)333-0446
Kathi Heffernan Connelly, 18 School St.,  (617)696-8740
M. Joseph Manning, 583 Adams St., (617)698-5072
Thomas S. Gunning, 4 Evergreen Trail, (617)698-5304
Town Treasurer & Collector
Kevin G. Sorgi, 40 Lochland St., (617)698-1747
School Committee
Mary S. Cobb, 16 Babcock St., (617)698-0870
Donna M. Robinson, 48 Howe St., (617)696-3640
Christopher Huban, 41 Magnolia Rd., (617)698-3787
Susan A. Kiernan, 170 Cabot St., (617)698-8416
Jeffrey L. Cruikshank, 21 Canton Ave., (617)696-0402
F. Beirne Lovely, 76 Old Farm Rd., (617)698-2444
Blue Hills Regional Technical School Rep.
Philip L. Kliman, 22 Savin Ave., (617)696-3363 

Precinct Voting Locations

Captain Robert Bennet Forbes House,
215 Adams St., 696-1815
Milton League of Women Voters,
Milton Council on Aging,
101 Blue Hills Pkwy, 898-1094
Milton Public Library
Suffolk Resolves House, 1370 Canton Ave
Milton League of Women Voters

Friday night basketball at the Glover School in Milton.



Blue Hills Ski Area, 
Rte. 138, 696-5916
Blue Hills Observatory, Rte 138, 617-696-1014
Milton Traveling Soccer,  Bill Coughlin, 698-0518
Milton Youth Soccer, Charlie McCarthy, 696-0425
American Little League Baseball,  Kevin Berry, 698-7634
National Little League Baseball, Leon Piatelli, 843-3327
Milton Youth Tee-Ball, Jack Green, 698-5609
Milton Youth Hockey Programs, PO Box 71, Milton, 02186
Milton Jr. Youth Basketball, Jack Greene
Milton Youth Basketball, Jack Greene

Superintendent of Schools: Dr. Mary Grassa O'Neill, 696-4809
Collicut Elementary
, 80 Edge Hill Road, Hill Rd, 696-4282
Cunningham School, 44 Edge Hill Rd, 696-4285
Glover School, 255 Canton St., 696-4288
Tucker School, 187 Blue Hills Parkway 696-4291
Middle School
Pierce Middle School, 25 Gile Rd., 696-4568
High School
Milton High, Brook Road at Central, 696-4470

Private Schools:
Delphi Academy
(P-8), 564 Blue Hill Ave., 333-9610 
Milton Academy (K-12), 170 Centre Street, 898-1798
St. Agatha's (K-8), 440 Adams St., 696-3548
St. Mary of the Hills (K-8), 260 Brook Rd., 698-2464
Thacher Montessori (P-6), 1425 Blue Hill Ave., 361-2522

Milton Townsman,
1044 Central St, Stoughton, 02072, 781-878-1111
Milton Times, 30 High St., 617-696-7758
Milton Record Transcript, 26 High St., 617-698-6563
Patriot Ledger
, PO Box 9159, Quincy, 02269, 617-786-7000