Welcome to my online photo album.  I have chosen some of my favorite pictures so please feel free to
click on the picture to enlarge.

From left to right: Jimmy, Mike, Maggie, Andrew & Jake pictured here in late fall of 1999 at Houghton's Pond in Milton 1.jpg (25374 bytes)
Mary sitting in my former seat in the House of Representatives 2.jpg (13768 bytes)
While former U.S. Senator Bill Bradley's campaign for
president was unsuccessful, I still admire his intellect and integrity.
3.jpg (28700 bytes)
Mary takes our family holiday picture each year. 4.jpg (27997 bytes)
Mass Highway Commissioner Matt Amorello, Secretary
of Transportation Kevin Sullivan, Governor Paul Cellucci,
Mayor Thomas Menino breaking ground on the state-
funded $7.2 million Hyde Park Avenue restoration project.
5.jpg (41911 bytes)
Sara Connors of Avon and the College of the Holy Cross
is one of many extraordinary student interns who have worked
in my office.
6.jpg (23212 bytes)
Ernest Bennett of Avon and Oliver Samuel of Canton spent
a day with me as part of Job Shadow Day.
7.gif.gif (44111 bytes)
Former President George Bush was in Milton to celebrate
the dedication of his birthplace.
8.jpg (37106 bytes)
January 3rd, 2001 was the fourth time (third in the Senate)
my children have been present while I took the Oath of Office.
Andrew, 3, looks less than excited while Jimmy, 5, thinks
he's the new senator.
9.jpg (65459 bytes)
This picture was taken at the dedication of the Korean War
Memorial in Canton in 1999.
10.jpg (51626 bytes)
Representative Shirley Owens-Hicks and I were present
when Governor Paul Cellucci signed legislation filed by the
students of the Lucy Stone School in Dorchester
commemorating "Lucy Stone Day" in Massachusetts.
12.jpg (18142 bytes)
One of my favorite things to do as a legislator is to visit
classrooms across the district.
13.jpg (18494 bytes)
My daughter Maggie, our next State Senator 14.jpg (22704 bytes)
I often work closely with Senate President Thomas Birmingham,
a man I greatly respect.
15.jpg (42998 bytes)
I'm the baby of eight children.  This picture was taken circa
1967.  This was the first and last time I wore a bow tie.
18.jpg (24700 bytes)
This was taken while I was speaking at the Cunningham
School in Milton.
Senator Edward Kennedy and me at the Codman Square Health Center 20.jpg (26740 bytes)
I also like to visit local Senior Centers in the district. 21.jpg (36630 bytes)
This picture of my family was taken in 1998. 23.gif (72935 bytes)
My son Jimmy and me. 22.jpg (37071 bytes)
My big sisters Joanne Stanley and Beth Joyce along with my
brother-in-law Tom O'Brien pose with me for a picture with my
24.jpg (22908 bytes)
This photograph was taken January 14, 1998 - the day I took
the Oath of Office for State Senate.
27.gif (85856 bytes)
NBA star and Milton resident Dana Barros. 30.jpg (25177 bytes)
A picture of my good friend Ted Rubin of Randolph taken at the
State House.  Ted is one of the most energetic, involved seniors
in my district.
31.jpg (17841 bytes)