Milton Town History Continued

By 1622, almost a generation after the first settlers arrived on what was to be known as Milton Hill, the General Court established the area as separate town to be known as Milton.

Although, the principal endeavor of the inhabitants was farming, fishing and some activity at the mills provided further economic growth for Milton.  The mills, dating as early as 1634, included fulling mills, gun powder mills, and grist and saw mills.  Indeed, Milton's grist mill was the first in the country.

By the eighteenth century, Milton was a reasonably prosperous agricultural community.  Milton Village came into existence as the century developed with paper mills now joining the "husbandry" mills.  

As the century advanced, the area grew and a manufacturing industry developed, producing the first pianoforte, bass viol, and artificial leg.  It was during this period that summer residents first began to come to the area.  Several successful merchants and two Royal Governors of the Massachusetts Bay Colony from the Town of Boston chose to reside in Milton during the heat of the summer months.

Many thanks to local historian Anthony Sammarco.  He has really captured the history and community aspects of many Massachusetts towns.  His books can be found in most bookstores and libraries.  His book on Milton is complete with history, facts, and great period pictures.