Monday, April 2, 2012
Braintree Receives Nearly $1 Million from State for Road, Bridge Maintenance

State Representative Mark J. Cusack and State Senator Brian A. Joyce are pleased to announce that Braintree will receive $991,669 for the maintenance of roads and bridges.

“This is incredibly important money for Braintree that the town uses to repair our neighborhood roads,” said Representative Mark Cusack. “We have made great strides over the past four years to improve the roads in Braintree and this funding plays a major role in improving the quality of life of every resident.”

“I recognize the importance of these state funds, which are 30 percent higher than just two years ago, to both repair Braintree’s roads and keep pressure off local property taxpayers. I also appreciate that this program creates over 3,000 construction projects throughout Massachusetts each year and is important for our continued economic recovery,” said State Senator Brian A. Joyce.

“This important funding will assist our efforts on our 100 Roads program,” said Mayor Joseph Sullivan. “I thank Representative Cusack and the House on their swift action so that we can begin our road construction season.”

In the past year, Braintree has also seen many improvements on its State roads and repairs will continue on Braintree’s State roads in the upcoming year.

“I was happy to get the Commonwealth to step up and pave portions of Grove St., Plain St., Columbian Rd. and the Rotary, and I have been given a commitment from the Department of Transportation that they will be repaving 5 corners and Franklin St. in the upcoming construction season,” said Representative Cusack.