Mattapan Town History Continued

In the 19th century, new transportation turned Mattapan into a “streetcar suburb” and carried businesses and middle-class families to Mattapan. At this time, Mattapan, named for the Mattahunt Indian word for the land, really came into its own.

Located in the south of Boston, Mattapan is bordered by Dorchester, Hyde Park, and Roslindale. It is transected by Blue Hill Avenue, the neighborhood’s main thoroughfare and business district. Mattapan has long been home to an interesting mix of people. Originally a rural retreat for Yankee Bostonians, Mattapan later become home to Irish and Italian immigrants, and after World War I was the center of Jewish life in Boston. Many synagogues and Jewish businesses lined Blue Hill Avenue and the surrounding area. Today, Mattapan’s population is largely African-American.

Primarily residential, Mattapan has a mix of housing stock, including many single and two family homes, as well as three deckers and apartment buildings. Residents can shop, eat, and chat in Mattapan Square.

This history of Mattapan was provided by the Boston Landmark Commissions.