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Education Highlights in the Fiscal Year 2002 Budget

$220 million increase for state aid to city, town and regional school districts to maintain the promise of the Education Reform Act. The Senate alone has fulfilled the commitment to dramatically increase state aid to local schools; growing from $1.2 billion in 1992 to $3.2 billion this year.

$10 million increase for MCAS Remediation to support the after school, summer school and weekend school programs that augment the school year. This funding was introduced in the Senate at $20 million three years ago, doubled to $40 million and increased it this year to $50 million.

$55 million multi-year education technology funding was preserved, despite the Governorís proposed reduction to $23 million. The five-year promise was kept by the Senate and because the funding was preserved, the $35 million grant program for school districts will be maintained.

$5 million preserved, by overriding a gubernatorial veto, for school districts experiencing high-enrollment growth.

$3 million increase for kindergarten grants, including a $4.5 million veto overridden by the legislature.

Health Care Highlights in Fiscal Year 2002 Budget

$37 million for anti-smoking efforts, including minority outreach, enforcement and research, a $5 million increase above last year and includes an override of Governor Swiftís ill-advised $17 million veto to smoking prevention and cessation programs.

$13 million increase to maintain the senior pharmacy prescription assistance program, despite proposals to underfund the program by the Administration and the House which would have reduced benefits or increased premiums for seniors relying on the program.

$5 million for community health centers.

$1.8 million for breast cancer prevention and detection and $3 million for prostate cancer detection and prevention were restored when the Legislature overrode the Governorís vetoes. We also overrode vetoes of $985,000 for family health services, $300,000 for osteoporosis prevention, $438,000 for multiple sclerosis education, and $135,000 for colorectal cancer prevention and detection.

$135 million in help for hospitals including $60 million to the Uncompensated Care Pool to cover the costs of the provision of care to the uninsured and underinsured, $15 million to increase reimbursement rates to hospitals for care provided to the uninsured and underinsured and $15 million to be used for a one-time pool of funds for distressed hospitals.

Affordable Housing Highlights in Fiscal Year 2002 Budget

Our budget, despite the Governorís proposed changes, preserves the promise initiated last year in the Senate to create a $100 million affordable housing trust fund. While the Administration proposed stopping at $30 million, the Senate rejected the proposal, reiterated our commitment to the full $100 million and prevailed.

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