State Flower - Mayflower
State Tree - American Elm
State Bird - Chickadee
State Fish - Cod
State Dog - Boston Terrier
State Horse - Morgan Horse
State Insect - ladybug
State Marine Mammal - Right Whale
State Mineral - Babingtnite
State Nickname - Bay State
State Fossil - Dinosaur Track
State Historical Rock - Plymouth Rock
State Explorer Rock - Dighton Rock
State Gem - Rhodonite
State Rock - Roxbury pudding stone
State Building Stone - Granite
State Beverage - Cranberry Juice
State Poem - "Blue Hills of Massachusetts" by Katherine E. Mullen 
State Motto - "By the sword she seeks peace, but peace only under liberty."

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Massachusetts State Senator  Brian A. Joyce Room 413A State House, Boston, MA. 02133


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