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Roslindale History (cont'd)

Roslindale seems to have been originally known as 'South Street Crossing,' the name being derived from the old Boston and Providence railroad that crossed South street where the railroad station now stands.  About the year 1870 the postal authorities decided to establish a post-office in this new growing community and not knowing an appropriate name to call the branch asked the citizens of the section to bestow a name upon the community.

The name, "Roslindale", was suggested by a well-traveled member of the community who told the assembled citizens that the area reminded him of the beautiful historic town of Roslyn, Scotland, outside Edinburgh. He thought the area was like a dale because of the hills surrounding it. Thus the combination of"Roslyn" and "dale" were submitted to the Post Office and the name "Roslindale" was formally established.

Roslindale grew residentially as a classic street car suburb. The railway, which currently serves as the Needham line of the MBTA, was built after the Civil War, and spawned a new round of commercial development. Roslindale saw steady growth in its residential population, beginning in the 1 880's, with the introduction of the horse-drawn street railway service between Forest Hills and Dedham.

By the 1920's Roslindale Village had assumed the configuration it has today. It is beautifully laid out with well-kept Adams Park at its center. The area is convenient and allows easy access to its rail and bus lines. Roslindale continues to grow and offer great opportunity as a commercial and residential district.

Many thanks to local historian Anthony Sammarco.  He has really captured the history and community aspects of many Massachusetts towns.  His books can be found in most bookstores and libraries.  His book on Roslindale is complete with some great photos of early Roslindale.

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