Dear Neighbor,
Thank you for the continued opportunity to work on behalf of Easton in the Massachusetts Senate. Over the past several years I have shared with you my commitment to Easton taxpayers and seniors and my belief in investing in the Easton public schools.

As you are well aware, this has been an extraordinary and challenging time to serve in public office. Although there are finally signs that indicate some economic recovery, the Commonwealth’s budgetary woes are such that a prudent level of fiscal discipline is continually required.

Fortunately, I am pleased to report that we have addressed what many local officials have indicated were their funding priorities. The budget we recently passed for the Fiscal Year 2005 calls for law enforcement and crime fighting initiatives including funding for two new State Police Classes and establishing a counter-terrorism unit within the State Police. The State Budget this year also includes an expansion of Mass Health.

I am doing everything in my power to minimize the impact on the community by authoring effective solutions. This year the Senate passed a local aid resolution to help cities and towns. Included in the resolution is an $80 million increase in funding for special education. In addition, the Town of Easton will receive $1,883,909 in lottery aid.

It is my desire and intention to continue working hard for you. Please call me at home at (617) 696-0200 if you have any questions, or if I may ever be of assistance to you. Thank you.

Warmest regards,

State Senator

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