News From Senator Joyce

For Immediate Release: February 2, 2001
Further Information: Marie Blanchard (617) 722-1643

 Opportunity Knocks, Senator Joyce Answers: New Committee Appointments FOR JOYCE

Senator Brian A. Joyce will be taking on new legislative responsibilities through the committee assignments made by Senate President Thomas F. Birmingham. He will now be the Senate Vice Chair of the Committee on Banks and Banking and serve as a member of the Senate Committee on Taxation. These new legislative roles are in addition to Senator Joyce staying as Senate Chair of Public Service, a member of Joint Committee on Energy and as a member of the Joint Committee on Government Regulations.

Senator Joyce has been a member of the Banks and Banking Committee and he expressed interest in taking on additional responsibilities for shaping state policy in this area. "Understanding banking matters requires an ability to grasp both statewide economic forces and consumer issues that affect individuals," said Senate President Birmingham. "Senator Joyce enjoys grappling with these complex issues and working on behalf of the ordinary taxpayers of the Commonwealth. He will serve us well."

"The new responsibilities in the areas of banking and taxation will help me play a larger role in shaping our Commonwealth’s economic future. Given the possibility of a national slowdown this makes the new task more daunting, but also more important," said Senator Joyce. "The decisions we make on these committees have lasting effects and also short-term impacts. These issues affect ordinary people and our largest corporations. These are major new committee assignments and I’m ready to do the work."

Senator Joyce looks forward to these additional responsibilities. He agrees with the Senate President that this ability to influence government is a "privilege," and he adds "I am committed to meeting the expectations of my colleagues and constituents in the upcoming session."