News From Senator Joyce

For Immediate Release: June 18, 2001
Further Information: Marie Blanchard (617) 722-1643


Senator Brian A. Joyce announced that he will vote to fully fund the Clean Elections Law when the issue is taken up by the Massachusetts Senate during budget talks this month.

"Three years ago, the majority of my constituents made it clear where they stood on Clean Elections and I cannot in good faith turn on the wishes of the voters," said Senator Joyce of his decision to vote for the funding.

In a 1998 statewide referendum voters passed the Clean Election Law by a margin of 2-1. Under the so-called Clean Elections law, candidates for state office who agree to limit their spending and contributions can receive public money in an effort to reduce the role of fundraising in politics and encourage more candidates to seek office.

Senator Joyce added he is worried about the message it will send to voters if the Legislature refuses to fund the initiative. "Iím worried that by turning our backs on the will of the people it could make voters even more cynical about government, and give non-voters another reason to stay away from the polls."